Primark Haul & More / April 2017

During my first week of living in Bristol, I went a bit crazy. From my small seaside town, where all of my shopping was done in New Look, Argos and charity shops, to having a choice of hundreds of incredible shops is kind of baffling. Of course I gravitated to certain places; Primark, TK Maxx, Urban Outfitters, Primark, Tiger and did I mention Primark?

When I was packing up all of my crap, I got rid of a hell of a lot of stuff, including half of my wardrobe. I kept telling myself you don’t need anything else, I’m going to be really good, save money and not buy anymore rubbish I don’t need.

Didn’t really go to plan.

I would like to say that this is a small selection of the things I bought, if I were to do all of them I could be here for a very very long time…

So lets start with Primark.


I realise this is a whole load of t-shirts, trumpet sleeves and pink but why the hell not. To tell the truth I only went into Primark to pick up a few black t-shirts and a sports bra, which to be fair I did buy. However then I saw trumpet sleeves (which I love love love, mainly because they make me feel like a fairy), baggy jumpers and silky shirts. While approaching the till I saw a top which I had designed only a week before, it almost felt like destiny; I mean there isn’t much better than a leaf print strappy, except if those leaves belong to a Monstera (the best plant in the world… I like plants by the way).



I am a little bit obsessed with embroidery at the minute, it reminds me of when I was younger, naive, in love with my floral embroidered flared jeans and honestly believed I was a fairy princess (a belief I still hold onto at 22). I picked up the pink ballet pumps for the same reason, I used to be a ballerina you know. Trainers because comfy and I refuse to pay more than £15 for a pair of shoes I don’t really want. Coat hangers for all my new clothes and socks because trainers, you know?


TK Maxx, Tiger, Urban Outfitters:

I have mixed feeling about these three shops. TK Maxx I have always hated, It’s always busy, always unorganised, and too expensive. However I thought I would give it another chance. I have been wanting a pair of flared jeans for ages, but New Look and Primark only sell skinny or boyfriend jeans. In end, after rummaging for what seemed like hours, I found these. The only problem was that they were too short #tallgirlproblems, I let the hem down and decided to go for the frayed edge look. I got the glass terrarium because I like nick nacky stuff I’ve got no room for (sorry in advance for what I named it). Tiger is officially my new favourite shop, it has everything you could ever need, and is not badly priced either. It did take a lot of will power not to buy the whole shop. I picked up these cacti and greeting cards because I collect both and you can never have enough of them hanging around. I had seen this shelf all over the place and knew I needed it (well not really). It was extremely easy not to over spend in Urban Outfitters, I mean ain’t nobody got money for that.


And now for the rest of the month I shall eat dust.


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