One of my first proper memories was visiting family friends in Mousehole; this cute little couple who lived in a tiny house and would always make me a hot chocolate. Even as the years past and things changed Mousehole was still one of those places I visited at least twice a year; in the summer for a cream tea, look in the little gift shops, an ice cream on the beach, and a walk round to the rock pool to dangle my feet in the water. And then in the winter, a few days before Christmas to get fish and chips while we look at the Christmas lights, then a cup of mulled wine and a compulsory group photo with the harbour behind us.


Of course it wasn’t until I moved away, came back for a visit and went out for an afternoon ride with the parents, sister and our friends little girl (who in my opinion is the best person in the whole world) did I realise just how beautiful, quaint, and magical it was there. I also added it to the long list of places I want to settle down when I’m older and more tired than I am now.

We of course started off our visit with a cream tea at the only cafe in the whole of Mousehole we hadn’t been to. I’m not sure why we’d never been, with seating inside and out, all windows with a sea view, and a mirror wall (which made the girls very happy), it was light, airy and perfect.

Rockpool Cafe

Not to mention to cream teas were to die for, no kidding one scone was enough to fill you up for hours. (It usually comes with jam as well, but me no likely.) The kids hot chocolates are the cutest thing you will EVER see, fit for a princess.

Cream Tea, Rockpool

It over looked the rock pool, (hence the name of the cafe) that I’d visited so many times when I was little. I also took the opportunity to remind my Mum about the time she skidded over on the rocks, it was safe to say she wasn’t to happy about that.

That Rock Pool

One thing I had never done before was to wonder around the tiny streets and lanes, I fell in love with some of the houses and gardens we placed. I have this thing for beautiful hidden gems, and it’s safe to say there are plenty of them.

Duck Street

From mini gardens…

Stair Garden

To proper gardens…

Garden Sheds

To quaint cottages, it has everything you need to fall in love with village living (at least I did).

Tides Reach Cottage

 After that a walk down to the beach for a treasure hunt, as it wasn’t a super hot sunny day we pretty much had it to ourselves.

Mousehole Harbour

Then around the harbour finishing at The Mousehole, one of the two main gift shops, which sold so many crafty gifts and beautiful treasures, we decided not to go in, as none of us thought our bank accounts could handle it (I have a shopping problem).

Yes I have pixelated the lady in the door way, because I’m kind and considerate like that.

The Mousehole Gift Shop

I mean come on, as pretty as a picture.

The 'Mousehole'

Oh dear, I sound like a tourist…


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