23 Things I Love at 23

When I was younger I had a life plan. By the time I was 23 I was going to be married and have a baby on the way. Oh dear, 10 year old me, what were you thinking? I’m clearly not either, which I’m glad about and would rather not be for quite a few years yet.

Instead of being deeply in love with some poor hopeless fella I have a few other loves, which keep me feeling happy, excited and zen (a word which you will probably be seeing a lot of).

1.  Plants, Plants, Plants 

When you live alone and your landlord doesn’t allow pets, plants are what you turned to, they don’t leave a mess around (not to much anyway), don’t demand hugs, and if you kill them you’re not an evil person.

2. Trumpet Sleeves

I love them, they make me feel like a fairy and remind me of when I was younger.

3. Purple Eye Shadow

Speaking of when I was younger, from the age of 16 – 19 I lived in it. However now I save it for special occasions because my eyes like to cry for no reason, and purple running down your face isn’t a good look.

4. Fresh Flowers

Because they’re pretty and make me happy (but not when they dry up and die, obvs).

5. Duck Egg

The only colour other than pink I’ve ever been obsessed with, the colour of my record player, record case and speaker.

6. Scented Candles

Because, you know, they smell nice and make me feel zen.

7. Freckles

Real freckles, not drawn on. However I don’t really have any, but when I find one I get very excited.

8. Bad Hair Days

Good hair days make me sad, shiny and tamed hair is so boring. I like it to look like I’ve just woken up and rolled out of bed, the frizzier the better.

9. Sunsets

Once again pretty and makes me feel zen.

10. Sunglasses

The weirder the better. Plus I don’t want wrinkles and they make me look mysterious… maybe…

11. Making People Laugh

Because I’m funny not because I’m an idiot and embarrass myself, although, better a laugh than a sneer.

12. Marina & the Diamonds

Forget Beyonce, this lady is the queen. Every single song is just everything.

13. Salty Sea Air

It’s just so clean, and fresh, and home and mmm.

14. The Number 4

But only written like this: 4, not like this: four. It’s just my favourite number. End of.

15. Being Made to Laugh

It burns sooooooo many calories, which is good because I hate exercise.

16. Chocolate

A very good reason to laugh because I may be addicted a bit… or a lot…

17. Pink

Like I said, OBSESSED, forever and ever and ever.

18. Ed Sheeran

My husband (I wish) and true love, when ever I feel down I stick Ed on and everything is better… I love him.

19. Movie Nights

Turning Netflix and YouTube off and putting a proper DVD on. Nine times out of Ten it’s Tangled. BEST FILM EVER!

20. Being Still

Zen. Zen. Zen.

21. Starting a New Project

Something to do, and concentrate on, and get obsessed with, and basically I like making pretty things… when I get motivated.

22. Finishing a Project

“YAY! It’s over, I’ve finished, I’m so proud of myself, now I can go back to doing nothing again.”

23. Natural Light

Light, bright and airy. (Plus it’s better for all ma plants man.)

Just thought I’d add that these are in no particular order, but I can tell you that Ed and my plants would be fighting for the top spot.


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