DIY Chalkboard Clock

When it comes to my home interior I have major commitment issues. In an ideal world I would buy all new things every month. However I am poor so I like things to be easy to customise. For ages now I have been unhappy with my clock. It was a quick buy when I first moved out. It was kind of what I wanted, reasonably cheap and almost an instant regret (which isn’t something you want from something you look at multiple times a day). After a year I decided to have a bit of fun.

New Image

I’m lazy, so I wanted revamping it to be a quick and easy process and preferably not have to leave the house, change out of my PJs or spend any money. All in all it took me an hour.

I used:

My unloved clock,

Adhesive chalkboard paper (from Tiger),


White marker pen,

Scissors & Chalk (I forgot about these until later).

The process was so incredibly easy I’m not going to go into a lot of detail.

First, take the clock apart, don’t loose any pieces or forget how to put it back together again:


Second, draw around the clock onto the reverse side of the adhesive chalkboard paper:


Third, cut it out:


Fourth, stick it to the face of the clock, make a hole in the paper for the hands and stuff to go through, and fix it all back together:


Fifth, draw on your design, I went for my evening routine, not that I’ve stuck to it at all but I live in hope. I chose to use a white marker pen (that won’t rub off) to put dots where the numbers would go. Then just hang it on the wall.


When you get bored you can change it to whatever you like. Or if you’re anything like me, keep forgetting to.


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