I’ve been to quite a few of the beaches and coves around Cornwall, but Porthgwarra is one I always return to. There’s something about being able to go to a beach that’s nice and secluded, not crowded with bikini wearing youths and my favourite thing that it hasn’t been modernised. It looks the same now as it probably did a hundred years ago (I’m not a historian, don’t take my word for it and ignore the telephone wires).

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This particular visit was back in April. Before the start of summer, before the dreaded heat wave and before people started walking around with hardly any clothes on. Nevertheless, the sky was still blue, the sun was still shining and sun glasses were required, there was also a cool breeze which I feel like I haven’t felt in months. (WARNING: British person complaining about the heat!)


I’m not going to lie, getting down to the beach can be troublesome. You have two choices; the steep slipway or this slippery tunnel (below). There is a rope for you to cling onto for dear life, thankfully, but if you’re feeling youthful and adventurous you could go down on your arse (saves you from falling on it).

Just remember you have to climb back up again, but if my mum can do it, anyone can (sorry mummy).


Of course once you get down there it’s well worth it, I mean look how beautiful it is.

This happens to be the beach Aidan Turner was naked on, I’m just saying…


No youths in bikinis but there’s no escaping them completely. Get that shot hun!

(Don’t worry, this is my sister, not a randomer.)


Once you manage to struggle back up the slipway (practically on all fours) there’s lots of Instagram opportunities. Or you could put your phone/camera away, live in the moment and actually enjoy the smell of salty sea air, the cool breeze and natural beauty that surrounds you.


And of course, my favourite part of the day, stop off at the cafe.


(Poser not included.)


Enjoy a yummy cream tea outside, over looking the stunning cove.

(No indoor seating.)



Not as enjoyable in the rain.

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