Bristol Botanical Gardens

There are very few places that I would voluntarily walk over an hour to get to, but in this case I have no regrets. The most beautiful sight I have seen since moving to Bristol, for a moment I forgot I was in the city and felt completely at peace with the world (which doesn’t happen very often).

New Image

I love gardens. Don’t get me wrong I love garden centres, parks, walking by the river, but being somewhere where you can see the love and care that has gone into it, all while still feeling natural and peaceful. Zen.


As soon as I walked in I was overwhelmed by it’s beauty.


Around every corner was something new.


And … surprising …


Even if I did get lost a few times.


For a while I sat down and enjoyed the view, with a sudden urge to sing Amy Winehouse.

‘Well sometimes I go out by myself, and I look across the water…’

(I’m just to cool.)


In the end I found the greenhouses, which was by far my favourite part. I mean look at all of the cacti.


And some more.


And more!


It was amazing but not the sort of place you can linger for to long, it doesn’t just look like a tropical rain forest. It was hot, very hot.


There were plants that I couldn’t even have imagine existed. I went into full on tourist mode, taking photos of everything.


They had a Monstera as well, enough of a reason by it’s self to visit, because it’s the best plant ever. It was the definition of plant goals, but I had this sneaky suspicion that they might notice if I carried it home. Plus I had this feeling that Regan (my Monstera) might get a bit jealous.


I’m not mad I promise…

Definitely day worth while. It did take me two hours to get home, I’m really good at getting lost.

For more information about the gardens see here.



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